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What is LSR?

Live Spill Response (LSR) is a new technology available only through HazChem that gives you and your customers online access with up–to–the–minute, live spill photo updates of your emergency spill response in progress.

See pictures of the problem as we assess the situation. You will no longer have to wait to know if material has migrated into the sewer or soil — you will be able to see it for yourself. We’ll give you peace of mind to make sure that contractors aren’t billing you for extra onsite employees or overbilling for equipment not being used.

With LSR, we upload onsite photos of your spill within minutes, giving you access to virtual, real-time photo updates. And because our technology is based on the Internet cloud, youll be able to retrieve your project securely, 24/7/365.

How does it work?

LSR is simple to use. When we arrive onsite, our specialists assess, and take pictures, of the emergency spill situation. Using wireless 3G and 4G technology, we upload time-stamped, dated photos (along with any other pertinent information) to a secure site on the Internet cloud.

You access your own protected account – pictures and information are always secure from others – by entering a unique, 8-digit, computer-generated password. And if you need to, you can always pass the link and information access to your client for faster, shared decision-making. And we keep all photos and projects available beyond the lifetime of the immediate project, so if you need to go back and access them later, you can.

How do I get LSR?

LSR is now available on all emergency spill response projects. On your next emergency spill response, a HazChem representative will provide you with the link and access instructions for your account. In the meantime, if youre interested in learning more about LSR — or any other services that HazChem offers, please call us at (630) 458-1910.

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