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Phase I-II-III Site Remediation

Environmental Site Assessments (Phase I)

Current regulations require that all appropriate inquiry or due diligence be made regarding a subject property when conducting commercial property transactions. In order to facilitate the sale of properties, recommend further studies or caution potential buyers of existing property concerns, HazChem has performed many Phase I assessments for a variety of clients, including property owners, buyers and lenders.

HazChem’s environmental site assessments pursue all inquiries for you regarding a property by evaluating whether past or current activities on the site have caused contamination or have the potential to cause contamination. Plus, our non-intrusive, history-based investigations locate potential contamination from off-site sources within a mile radius of your property. We comply with the most recent American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards to ensure acceptance at virtually all major financial institutions.

HazChem’s environmental site assessments typically include:

Subsurface Site Investigations (Phase II)

When non-intrusive, historical reviews or site inspections suggest that soil or groundwater contamination exists, further sampling may be necessary to evaluate the extent of contamination. HazChem utilizes an experienced team of geologists, hydrogeologists and environmental engineers to assess the quality of soil and groundwater, as well as the distribution and traffic of contaminants.

We have extensive experience managing soil and groundwater investigations and weve performed projects ranging in size and complexity from simple drilling and soil sample collection to large-scale remediation of industrial facilities using high-temperature thermal treatment.

HazChem’s subsurface site investigation services include:

Site Remediation (Phase III)

HazChem has considerable experience in all facets of site remediation. We provide comprehensive remedial investigations, remedial planning and construction services for diverse properties from private dwellings to industrial and commercial properties contaminated by hazardous waste such as hydrocarbons (petroleum contaminants), heavy metals and chlorinated solvents.

Often, numerous technologies may apply or be available for contaminated site remediation projects. The choices often seem confusing or daunting. HazChem’s expert professionals guide our clients to informed decisions, based upon comprehensive research and analysis always balanced by your needs and objectives.

We continuously evaluate and re-evaluate issues such as cost, client liability, project duration and soil/groundwater clean-up objectives to determine appropriate remedial technologies. Because we don’t favor one remedial technology or brand name over another, we will always clearly communicate the advantages and disadvantages to you. By planning and directing site remediation while considering your resources, HazChem provides superior turn-key project management that achieves regulatory compliance to meet your schedule and budget.

Soil Remediation Technologies:

Groundwater Remediation Technologies: