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Waste Disposal

Virtually every industry generates waste that requires special management some of it routine, some of it hazardous. HazChem offers disposal management for every type of business. From small lab packs to large, bulk waste streams, we provide comprehensive solutions that protect your company financially and legally, while ensuring a safe environment for the future.

HazChem has provided waste stream management services for thousands of clients including permitting, packaging, labeling, inventory, transportation, proper disposal and/or recycling and disposal certification. Utilizing a network of fully approved treatment, disposal and recycling sites, HazChem applies our broad knowledge and experience to optimize waste management by matching disposal and treatment options with applicable regulations and management resources to help you make the most environmentally sound and cost-effective decisions.


HazChem handles your most difficult hazardous waste disposal problems promptly, professionally and efficiently in order to minimize and avoid the risk and liability that can result from regulatory violations. Our team of experts has extensive knowledge of process industries, recycling technologies and engineering practices, allowing us to assist you in selecting the optimal hazardous waste management from point source through disposal certification.

Plus, we offer a variety of non-hazardous waste disposal options as well. Our professional staff quickly sorts through alternatives to determine the most technically or financially viable choices allowing you to save money and minimize waste. We tailor our recycling/disposal/technology solutions based on your project needs. Depending upon your specific requirements, we offer: fuel blending, chemical stabilization, chemical treatment, solidification, incineration, waste water treatment, oil metal recovery, physical treatment, neutralization or biodegradation.

Typical waste streams managed by HazChem include:

Oils Coolants Solvents
Paint Flammables Inks
Waste Water Ignitables Corrosives
Combustibles Reactives Explosives
Listed Wastes Mercury Asbestos
PCBs Mixed Wastes Biological Waste
Unknowns Lead Wastes Cylinders
Pesticides Batteries Tank Bottom Sludge
Poisons UST Waste Contaminated Soil
Off-spec Products Out-of-date Products Oxidizers

Universal Waste Disposal

Although universal wastes are usually less innocuous than other hazardous wastes, we know how important it is to your business to properly dispose of universal wastes that are banned from sanitary landfills and incinerators and need to be transported and recycled appropriately. No matter the type or quantity of material, HazChem reduces your liability through prompt and efficient service.

HazChem offers universal waste disposal services of the following items:

  • Batteries:¬†Alkaline, Lead Acid (car batteries), Zinc Acid, Carbonaire, Lithium, Mercury, Nickel Cadmium, Nickel Iron and Silver Oxide
  • Bulbs:¬†Straight Fluorescent, HID Lamps, Metal Halide Lamps, Mercury Vapor Lamps, U-Tubes, Circular, Compacts and Biax
  • PCBs
  • Ballasts
  • Transformers
  • Capacitors