Gas Cylinder Disposal

Compressed gases are a unique hazard. Depending upon the particular gas within a cylinder, there is potential for flammability, combustibility, corrosivity, toxicity or air reactivity. Yet over 90% of unknown gases can be identified on your premises. Through our unique, industry leading, turn-key services, HazChem identifies, processes and disposes all of your unknown gas cylinders safely and cost effectively.

Inspection/Sampling and Identification

Unknown contents in gas cylinders present a high risk and should only be handled by experienced personnel with the proper safety training and appropriate equipment for each job. Using our effective manifold system, portable laboratory and identification equipment, we manually inspect and sample each cylinder individually not only to determine the unknown content, but also to determine the physical integrity of the cylinder for packaging, transportation or disposal. Our distinct, unknown gas identification process using FT-IR (Fourrier Transform Infrared) detection devices allows us to securely identify and process gas cylinders AT YOUR SITE, saving you time and money.

Transportation and Disposal

Managing gas cylinder disposal responsibly requires an efficient and effective network of on-site and off-site services. HazChem transportation and disposal services are a critical component in reducing your environmental liability. We operate a fleet of fully permitted vehicles capable of handling all of your gas cylinder and hazardous or non-hazardous waste needs in accordance with all applicable federal and state regulations.

Experienced Professionals

HazChem’s skill, training and expertise in the development of recycling processes for gas cylinders means you’ll have direct access to some of the top industry professionals in the country. Call HazChem today for safe, efficient and cost-effective gas cylinder management, treatment and disposal options.

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The 3Rs of HazChem

Recycle: The contents of many gas cylinders can be recycled into useful products, which reduces your total annual waste disposal volumes for significant overall cost savings.

Repackage: When gas cylinders are leaking, damaged or defective, they may require re-packaging before being transported for disposal or recycling. Our HazChem professionals make sure that any compromised cylinders are transferred safely and quickly.

React: When all other removal options have been exhausted, HazChem can safely react-off materials in a closed loop system, utilizing reactors and mobile scrubber systems.

HazChem + You

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