Mercury Spill Cleanup

Mercury is a heavy, silvery metal element that is liquid at room temperature. But when mercury spills, it often beads and spreads readily into many small droplets. The mercury droplets can vaporize into the surrounding air depending upon the amount spilled, surface area, temperature (vapor increases with warmer air), air flow and physical disturbance of the spilled mercury. Mercury vapors are invisible, odorless and very toxic at high levels,  causing harm to the nervous system, cardiovascular system, digestive tract and kidneys. Quick and safe mercury spill cleanup is critical to prevent illness. Emergency mercury spill kit for safe mercury disposal.

Because even small mercury spills can cause high levels of mercury vapors that are unsafe to breathe, mercury spill cleanup should be left to experts. HazChem’s experience and state-of-the-art mercury spill kit equipment allows us to detect, test and confirm the presence of mercury to handle mercury spill decontamination or abatement projects of any size. OSHA offers additional insight and guidelines for mercury spill cleanup.

 Mercury Spill Decontamination and Abatement

HazChem has tested and decontaminated thousands of mercury spills at industrial factories, chemical processing plants and medical facilities, as well as mercury spills on highways and on land. HazChem’s Emergency Response Team and mercury spill experts are dedicated to protecting people, property and the environment from toxic mercury exposure. On-site, HazChem’s professionals work in conjunction with your personnel to assess the situation and isolate the affected area. Once our mercury spill kit has detected and confirmed the scope of the spill, we recommend and undertake whatever remedial action is necessary to separate the spilled mercury from the contaminated area and remove the harmful mercury vapors from the air.


HazChem’s mercury services

  • Mercury spill kit for testing, confirmation and isolation
  • Mercury spill clean-up
  • Released mercury vapor decontamination
  • Mercury control and abatement (removal of all contaminated materials)
  • Disposal of all contaminated materials

In case of a mercury spill

  • DO NOT use a vacuum for mercury cleanup. Vacuum exhaust will put more mercury vapors into the air.
  • DO NOT use a broom to clean up a mercury spill. It will break the mercury into smaller beads, spreading it and making more vapor.
  • DO NOT allow people whose shoes have had contact with the mercury to take their shoes or clothes beyond the mercury spill area. Isolate the affected area or further contamination may result.
  • DO NOT dispose mercury in the trash.
  • DO NOT pour or allow mercury to go down the drain.

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