Chemical Waste Disposal in Illinois

Chemical waste disposal is a specialty of ours. When HazChem first opened for business in 1991, handling chemical waste disposal in Illinois was a priority to us. Through the years, companies throughout the Midwest, particularly in Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan and Indiana, have relied on HazChem to handle their chemical waste disposal needs. Every day of the year, HazChem is handling the chemical waste disposal needs of a customer. Handling chemical waste disposal has remained a top priority to us.

“Whether it’s a worldwide company or a small family business, we’re ready to help with regards to chemical waste disposal.”

Alan Shapiro

President, HazChem

“Handling Chemical Waste Disposal in a proper and legal manner requires a heavy commitment towards paying attention to every last detail. Fortunately at HazChem we have the personnel to get this vital work done correctly. Many businesses trust us with disposing their hazardous waste collection.”

Chris Johnson

Co-Owner, HazChem Environmental

“The response time of HazChem is really great. Your company talks me through everything. You have always been open and honest about pricing. I would highly recommend HazChem to other companies that have a need for chemical waste disposal.”

Megan Decker

Industrial Modern Pattern & Mold, Illinois


With 32 years of experience handling chemical waste disposal in Illinois, we know each client of ours has specialized needs. There are usually various ways to handle each chemical waste disposal job. At no cost, we can analyze your needs through telephone consultations, email communications, sent photos or an on-site visit. Email and we’ll get started.


Yes, we are based in Addison, Illinois. But we handle chemical waste disposal jobs in Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri and other Midwest states. We are experts in chemical waste disposal, including paint disposal. We will keep you compliant with Local, State and Federal regulations. We will handle the disposal of your entire hazardous waste collection. Our answer is “Yes, we can.” Please let us know your questions.



Our policy over the last 32 years with regard to chemical waste disposal, including paint disposal, is to provide FREE consultations, which often includes an on-site visit from us. After we have analyzed your needs, we’ll provide you a no-obligations quote. We want our customers to remain operational and profitable. That’s why we keep our pricing so competitive.

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