Waste Disposal

If you have hazardous waste disposal needs, hazmat cleanup needs, call HazChem, we are experts. Our large fleet of vacuum trucks coupled with our fully trained and highly skilled drivers, means the vacuum truck services offered by HazChem are the envy of the industry. We built our strong reputation on our ability to properly and legally handle disposing waste in an environmentally friendly way, while keeping customer costs down to the bare minimum. If you have non-hazardous waste which needs disposing, again call HazChem. We’ll handle it. And we’ll deliver back to you the peace of mind you’re looking for. Many of our longtime customers need disposing of both hazardous and non-hazardous materials. We specialize in paint disposal, chemical waste disposal and providing wastewater treatment services. Because we are highly organized and efficient, we’ll take care of everything. Leave all worries to us. We’ll keep you compliant with local, state and federal entities. We enjoy an excellent, first-name-basis working relationship with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and that mutually beneficial relationship has been built on trust. Call HazChem to handle your hazardous waste disposal. Call HazChem to handle your non-hazardous waste disposal. We’ll take care of everything.

Hazardous Waste

We handle your most difficult hazardous waste disposal problems promptly, professionally and effectively to keep you totally compliant with regulatory rules. Call us for pricing on any type of hazardous waste disposal needs. Feel free to call us with any questions regarding the disposal of any hazardous waste. We’ll provide you cost-effective alternatives with regard to disposal. We are problem solvers. Call 630-458-1910 or email us at amandell@hazchem.com

Non-Hazardous Waste

Why are we the No. 1 choice in the Midwest to thousands of companies to handle their non-hazardous waste disposal? Because we appreciate that you have a bottom line, you want to stay profitable and you want to keep your own costs down. HazChem presents alternatives for you in the recycling/disposal of your non-hazardous waste — so you KEEP YOUR COSTS DOWN.

Call (630) 458-1910 or email us at amandell@hazchem.com with any question, suggestion, inquiry or no-obligations quote.

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HazChem + Industry

HazChem is honored that literally thousands of companies throughout Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan and Minnesota repeatedly choose to use our waste-disposal services.

We also remain proud that cities and municipalities all over the Midwest ask HazChem to handle their most challenging of tasks.

Do you have a need for hazardous waste disposal? We’ll take care of it for you. Our large fleet of trucks, including Vacuum Trucks, enables us to handle your needs promptly. 

HazChem +

Medical Waste

Our chemists are the best in the waste-disposal business. Call us and we’ll have the solutions to your problems. For any hazmat cleanup issue, call HazChem at 630-458-1910 (call 24 hours a day). 

HazChem + Medical Waste

Our chemists are the best in the waste-disposal business. Call us and we’ll have the solutions to your problems.

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