PPE For Cause and Orign

Cause and Origin experts play a crucial role in investigating the origin and cause of incidents, such as fires, which lead to insurance claims. They are typically hired by insurance companies, law firms, independent adjusters, contractors, and homeowners. Cause and Origin experts often face dangerous environments, such as fire scenes, accident sites, or crime scenes, where they are exposed to various hazards. To ensure their safety, HazChem provides Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for cause and origin experts, protecting them from risks like asbestos, hazardous chemicals, extreme temperatures, and more.

The process of determining the origin and cause of an incident is challenging. Cause and Origin experts begin by asking questions like “Where did this incident originate?” and “What was the cause?” They must effectively communicate with fire department officials, adjusters, or other individuals present at the scene where the incident occurred. Balancing the information received, whether truthful or not, with the evidence gathered at the site is a crucial aspect of their work.


Hazards at Cause and Origin Sites


The work conducted by Cause and Origin experts on-site is not without its dangers. Some of the risks they face include:

  1. Asbestos Exposure: While investigating the origin of the issue, experts must be protected from asbestos exposure.
  2. Extreme Temperatures: Experts need protection from extreme temperatures, whether extremely cold or hot, to ensure their well-being during the investigation.
  3. Handling Hazardous Waste: The team of experts must be equipped with proper PPE to handle hazardous waste or even to be in proximity to it.
  4. Essential Tools and Equipment: Cause and Origin experts require various tools and equipment to conduct an effective investigation.

PPE Provided by HazChem


To address these challenges, HazChem has taken the initiative to provide specialized PPE for Cause and Origin experts. HazChem technicians, who are specifically trained for this work, ensure the safety of origin and cause experts on-site by protecting them from many types of exposure.

In cold conditions, HazChem provides the necessary tents and torpedo heaters to keep experts warm. Similarly, during hot summer days, HazChem offers cooling tents to provide a comfortable working environment.

Certified in the handling of hazardous and non-hazardous waste, HazChem technicians supply all the required consumables, including protective HAZMAT suits, breathing apparatus, booties, gloves, and other PPE, to ensure the safety of Cause and Origin experts. Moreover, HazChem provides essential equipment like Negative Air Machines and a 4-Gas Meter with PID, which are crucial for a thorough, accurate, and safe investigation. Additionally, HazChem offers state-of-the-art Skid-Steers, forklifts, and other equipment as needed.

HazChem prioritizes staying up to date with industry standards and continuously assesses its procedures and practices. HazChem PPE technicians undergo regular training and education to remain current with recognized practices and the latest technology.

The ultimate goal of the partnership between Cause and Origin experts and HazChem is to uncover the truth. While experts utilize their specialized training to get to the bottom of incidents, HazChem provides the necessary on-site PPE and safety gear to support their efforts.

HazChem maintains a comprehensive insurance policy worth $12 million, exceeding the legal minimum requirements, to ensure full coverage while operating at your on-site investigation.

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