Environmental Remediation

HazChem Environmental offers safe and cost-effective environmental remediation services that address evolving regulatory requirements. As a trusted leader in environmental remediation, we provide comprehensive solutions for the development and implementation of remedial action programs of any size. Our experienced professionals combine practical expertise and specialized technological skills with up-to-date knowledge of environmental laws and regulations to develop effective strategies for various contaminated site conditions. Our comprehensive Environmental Site Assessment will determine an action plan for the environmental remediation services required.


What is Environmental Remediation?


Environmental remediation involves the removal of contaminants from soil, groundwater, surface water, sediments, and other natural materials. Remediation is necessary when a contaminated area poses risks to the environment or the health of individuals. Environmental remediation services typically begin with a environmental site assessment to determine the extent of contamination in the soil, water, sediments, and other materials. Based on the ESA (site assessment), HazChem’s environmental remediation team develops a cleanup plan that considers Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards, community regulations, public health, and worker safety.

Why You Need Remediation Experts:


Navigating the complex standards, regulations, and mandates related to environmental remediation can be challenging for someone not involved in the industry. By partnering with ecological remediation experts like HazChem Environmental, you can save valuable time and avoid potential litigation. Environmental cleanups may also require rezoning to ensure public safety, making it crucial to protect the public during ecological remediation. HazChem has an in-depth understanding of EPA regulations and regional legislative standards, making us well-equipped to assist you with all your environmental remediation needs.


Our Remediation Processes

We employ the latest environmental remediation processes to safely and efficiently remove contaminants. Here are some of the most common remedial strategies we utilize:

Removal Operations:                                                                                            Environmental Site Remediation


  • Excavation of Contaminated Soils, Sediments, and Sludge
  • Waste Minimization and Source Reduction
  • Soil Screening with Organic Vapor Analyzer
  • Staging and Testing
  • Backfill, Compacting, and Restoration
  • Transportation to Approved Disposal or Reclamation Facility
  • Preparation of Waste Stream Profile, Transportation, and Disposal Documentation
  • Soft Dig

On Site Remediation Services:

  • Treatment System Installation
  • Biodegradation of Certain Organic Materials
  • Neutralization of Acids and Bases
  • Physical and Chemical Treatment of Wastes
  • Solidification and Encapsulation

For environmental site assessment, environmental remediation services or site remediation, please contact HazChem Environmental.

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