outdated or defective product destruction

Outdated Product Destruction

Commercial products and materials do not always meet quality or safety standards. These are referred to as “off-spec products.” These plus recalled, outdated, damaged, overstock, or defective products must be destroyed. The outdated product destruction and and defective product destruction and disposal must be in compliance with area, state and federal rules and regulations. A professional product destruction services company will provide such certified and secure product destruction services, as well as certified data destruction.

Unfortunately, some manufacturers do not choose outdated product destruction. Sometimes these products become part of the ‘gray market.’ The customers who purchase the ‘gray-market’ products are not given access to any warranties from the manufacturer. Plus, these products, are typically faulty and of substandard quality.  Naturally, the consumers who are given access to goods through the ‘gray market’ will connect the poor quality of these products to the manufacturer’s business, damaging their reputation.

In order to maintain the solid reputation of the business and brand, companies must secure proper outdated product destruction of these off-spec or expired products through a fully licensed hazardous and non-hazardous waste-disposal service.


Limit Your Legal Liability

Some off-spec and outdated products, particularly pharmaceutical goods, can cause physical harm or even death to the consumer. In order to limit your legal liability, HazChem Environmental provides secure Product Destruction Services which guarantee that these materials are handled and disposed of according to all regulations.

Regulation Compliance

The EPA and FDA have strict rules and regulations regarding secure destruction and disposal of off-spec and outdated products. With HazChem, you can be certain that the product destruction process will keep your business in compliance with the EPA and other regulatory entities. You will receive an official Certificate Of Destruction for all product destruction. We are  experts on EPA rules and regulations.

Quick, Reliable and Timely Pickups

Being in business over three decades, HazChem has very effective transportation and waste disposal methods. With our own extensive fleet of trucks, we handle pickups, transportation and disposal much faster than our competitors, and at a lower cost.  HazChem will provide you with the written certification that your company handled its transport and disposal in compliance with the law.

Environmentally-Friendly Product Destruction Service

With HazChem, you can be certain that our secure waste disposal process will be handled in an environmentally friendly manner. Your off-spec and outdated products will ultimately be shredded, crushed, incinerated, composted, or transported to a landfill. All outdated product disposal is confidential, secure and certified. HazChem will provide you with a written certificate of destruction. This verifies that your company handled its transport and defective product waste disposal in compliance with all agency regulations.

Our secure product destruction services covers a wide range of materials and products, including:


Expired food products

Off-spec animal food and treats

Off-spec beverages

Expired medical and pharmaceutical products

Expired aerosols

Expired batteries

Expired hand sanitizer

Expired cleaning products

Certified data destruction

Products with defective logos

Off Spec handbags and luggage

Outdated hair and beauty products.

Out of season shoes, boots and apparel

Off spec toys

Off-spec household goods

Expired powder products

Expired lawn care products

Hard drive destruction service

Off-spec or damaged computer products

Sensitive or classified documents

Prototypes and R&D products

*And MANY other off-spec, overstocked, or expired products

*HazChem Environmental is fully licensed to provide pick up, transport & disposal for off-spec/outdated product destruction.

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