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HazChem provides comprehensive hazardous and non-hazardous wastewater management solutions in an environmentally safe and cost effective manner. Our company is equipped with an extensive fleet of vacuum trucks, tankers, and other vehicles, ensuring the most timely and efficient wastewater transport services available. We specialize in the transportation of various types of wastewater for certified and secure wastewater treatment services, including wastewater processing or wastewater disposal. Whether your wastewater contains metals, acids, bases, organics, cyanide, suspended solids, petroleum-contaminated water, latex wastewater, water-based paints, industrial process wastes, or tank rinse waters, we can provide the necessary wastewater services and wastewater transport. Additionally, we accept all types and concentrations of used oil for recycling, turning waste into a valuable reusable resource.

What is Wastewater?

Wastewater refers to water that has been utilized for domestic, industrial, or commercial purposes and subsequently impacted by such activities. Due to the varied sources and applications, wastewater composition can be highly diverse, making it challenging to define with precision. Typically, wastewater consists of 99.9% water, with the remaining 0.1% containing organic matter, microorganisms, and inorganic compounds. Wastewater is often discharged into different environments, including lakes, ponds, streams, rivers, and oceans..

Importance of Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater treatment services play a crucial role in safeguarding both human health and the environment. Clean water is essential for various forms of life, including wildlife, recreational activities, and overall well-being; it should be free from harmful substances that could compromise the integrity of living organisms. Proper wastewater treatment is vital to prevent damage to ecosystems. The majority of water used by households, industries, and businesses requires treatment before being released back into the environment.

The primary objective of wastewater treatment is to remove as much of the suspended solids as possible before the remaining water, known as effluent, is discharged back into the environment. The decomposition of solid materials consumes oxygen, which is vital for the plants and animals inhabiting water bodies.

The initial stage of treatment, known as “primary treatment,” eliminates approximately 60% of suspended solids from wastewater. This process involves aerating the wastewater to reintroduce oxygen. Subsequently, “secondary treatment” removes over 90% of suspended solids.

Wastewater Treatment Processes

There are four primary methods employed in wastewater treatment:

  1. Physical Water Treatment: This process involves separating liquids from solids through filtration and skimming, without any chemical sorting.
  2. Biological Water Treatment: Introducing microorganisms to break down the organic matter present in wastewater.
  3. Chemical Water Treatment: The use of chemicals, such as chlorine, to eliminate bacteria and purify the water.
  4. Sludge Treatment: Utilizing techniques to separate liquids and solids from wastewater with the least possible residual moisture.

Wastewater Transport

HazChem Environmental ensures compliance with all local, state, and federal regulations governing wastewater management. Whether you require wastewater transport services on an ongoing basis or for a one-time project, we cater to your specific needs without necessitating a long-term contract. Our dedicated personnel are available to visit your facility, fully understand your expectations, and address any inquiries you may have. This consultation service is provided to you at no cost.

Thanks to our extensive network of facilities, we can provide wastewater transport services for both industrial wastewater and liquid hazardous waste, in bulk or drums. We can deliver for wastewater treatment service, or wastewater disposal.

Our wastewater services include the transportation of various types of industrial wastewater, including but not limited to:

  • Organic wastewater
  • Inorganic wastewater
  • Listed hazardous wastewater
  • RCRA wastewater containing heavy metals
  • RCRA wastewater with organic compounds
  • Non-hazardous wastewater
  • Mixtures of oil and water
  • CERCLA hazardous wastewater
  • TSCA, RCRA/TSCA, and non-TSCA PCB wastewater

HazChem is committed to delivering efficient and environmentally responsible wastewater services for your liquid waste disposal needs, ensuring compliance with all applicable regulations while safeguarding our environment.

HazChem takes pride in delivering excellent, efficient, and cost-effective wastewater transport services to the designated wastewater treatment facilities, or a wastewater disposal site. For Hazardous Waste Disposal, or other Waste Transport Services, please visit our pages dedicated to those topics as well.

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