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To ensure you stay well-informed about the latest regulation updates and topics of interest regarding waste management and environmental safety, we encourage you to visit to our Knowledge Center often.  Staying abreast of the ever-changing regulations can be quite challenging, particularly when deciphering legal jargon. At HazChem Environmental, we strive to simplify complex legislation and offer  explanations that are easy to comprehend. Our posts cover a wide range of common regulations, as well as current trending issues within environmental safety and waste management. Feel free to explore our collection of articles, FAQ’s and useful links for whatever interests you.

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AFFF/ PFAS FOAM:                  PFAS Foam: The Dangers of PFAS Fire Fighting Foam

BIOSAFETY:                               The 4 Levels of Biosafety

BRAKE FLUID:                            Disposing of Brake Fluid: Questions & Answers

COMPLIANCE:                           Environmental Compliance

HAZWOPER:                           HAZWOPER Training and Certification Classes

MERCURY:                                  How to Cleanup a Mercury Spill in Your Home

                                                       Mercury Thermometers: What to do if they break

RCRA:                                          Resource Conservation & Recovery Act

                                                       Cradle to Grave

TRUCKS/ FLEET:                     Truck Purchasing Fundamentals


EPA PENALTIES:                      What are the penalties the EPA can impose? 

COMPLIANCE:                          How do I stay in Compliance?

HELMETS:                                  Do I need to wear a safety helmet while working at home?

PPE:                                             Need PPE for Cause and Origin Experts?

SANITIZER:                               What to do with Expired Hand Sanitizer?

SDS:                                             What is an SDS?



AAPC:                                            American Association of Poison Control Centers

CDC:                                              Centers for Disease Control

CFR:                                               Code of Federal Regulations

CSB:                                               Chemical Safety Board

EPA:                                                Environmental Protection Agency 

                                                         EPA: How to report spills or environmental violations

                                                         Summary of the EPA Clean Water Act

HAND SANITIZER:                     Hand Sanitizer Disposal

HAZARDOUS WASTE:              Basics of Hazardous Waste

                                                         Defining Hazardous Waste

                                                         Guide to Chemical Hazards

                                                         Hazardous Waste Transportation

                                                         Transporting Hazardous Materials by Highway

                                                         Hazardous Waste Presentation

                                                         Handling Hazardous Waste at Academic Laboratories

                                                         Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) Standards

MEDICAL WASTE:                     Medical Waste Guidelines

MERCURY:                                   OSHA – Mercury Overview

NIOSH:                                          Guide to Chemical Hazards

NRC:                                              Nuclear Regulatory Commission

OSHA:                                           Occupational Safety and Health Administration

                                                        OSHA Definitions and Glossary

PHMSA:                                        Pipeline & Hazardous Materials Safety Administration

PFAS:                                            Risk Management for PFAS

RCRA:                                           Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Laws and Regulations

SOLID WASTE:                          Glossary of Solid Waste Terms

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