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Because mercury thermometers can be used to determine body, liquid, and vapor temperature, they are used in many places including laboratories, factories,  research centers, offices, processing plants, and more.  Mercury thermometers to gauge a person’s temperature are made of glass the size of a straw, with a silvery-white liquid inside. If you have a broken mercury thermometer or a mercury spill please contact us immediately.

They are common in many schools and of course medical facilities. There are two general types of thermometers that measure body temperature:

  • Oral/rectal/baby thermometers, containing about 0.61 grams of mercury
  • Basal temperature thermometers (used to track slight changes in body temperature), containing about 2.25 grams of mercury

Mercury thermometers may be used in many applications, including chemical experiments, water and acid baths, blood banks, ovens, and incubators.

Thermometers are also used in:

  • Power plants and piping
  • Chemical tanks and vats
  • Heating and cooling equipment
  • Breweries, canneries
  • Bakeries, candy making
  • Dairies, ships
  • Wineries and distilleries
  • Paint kettles

Just Broke a Mercury Thermometer?

If a thermometer breaks during usage or is improperly disposed, the thermometer will release mercury vapors that are harmful to human and ecological health. You need to take immediate action to cleanup the mercury spill to eliminate the danger as quickly as possible. Also, be aware of any symptoms of mercury poisoning.


For larger commercial or industrial mercury spills, please contact HAZCHEM ENVIRONMENTAL @ (630) 458-1910 or via email for mercury cleanup and disposal 24/7/365.

NOTE: HazChem Environmental does NOT handle residential mercury accidents or spills. For industrial mercury spills, please visit our Mercury Spill Cleanup page.

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