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WHAT IS PALLET RECYCLING? Pallets are not intended for single-use! Pallet recycling involves the practice of rescuing pallets that would typically end up in landfills or occupy valuable warehouse space. It extends their life through initiatives employed by pallet pickup companies like HazChem. Recycled pallets can either be repaired and reused, disassembled with components harvested for constructing remanufactured pallets, or repurposed to used for mulch, bark, and other landscaping materials. Pallet removal fosters a circular economy that benefits all stakeholders.

ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY Recycling pallets serves to reduce the consumption of new lumber, aiding in landfill waste reduction, and significantly curbing greenhouse gas emissions when compared to the production of new pallets. Pallets play a crucial role in the operations of nearly all businesses, serving as indispensable tools for transporting and storing various products. It’s quite likely that you have a surplus of pallets stored in your warehouse, as leftovers from previous shipments. Regrettably, pallets tend to deteriorate over time, sustaining damage or breaking. When exposed to the elements, they may develop mold or rot. You might find yourself in a situation where you no longer require as many pallets readily available as you once did, or you may need to replace the damaged ones with new ones. At this point, you’re contemplating how to handle pallet disposal, but you’re uncertain about where to initiate the process.

Pallet Removal Services for Business Needs

Our commercial pallet haul-away services cater to various types of businesses, whether in retail, shipping, manufacturing, or other sectors. Don’t allow stacks of outdated pallets to hinder your operations. Rather than discarding old pallets in the trash or resorting to burning them in your fire pit, there are numerous alternative ways for you and your business to derive value from them. The age-old adage “reduce, reuse, and recycle” is equally applicable to pallets. There’s no need to discard them outright; you can explore alternative purposes for them within your business. Considering that you’ve already made the initial investment, it’s wise not to squander that financial resource. In the event that you determine that the pallets are no longer of use, and you have no intention of repurposing them into furniture or other items, please feel free to get in touch with us for pallet removal.  We will arrange for their collection, and they will either be repaired for reuse or recycled.

Can I just throw unwanted pallets away? Wood Pallet Recycling is the Answer!

While you can throw away your old pallets, there are better, greener disposal options available. Pallets are great candidates for recycling. Since pallets won’t fit in your curbside recycling bin, you’ll either have to haul them to a recycling facility yourself, or call HazChem for pickup. If you don’t have the time, strength, or a large enough truck to dispose of pallets yourself, HazChem can help with your wood pallet recycling! We offer commercial pallet removal service for all types of pallets and skids.

Overview of the Wood Pallet System in the United States

The current utilization of pallets exceeds two billion units.

    • In 2011, 416 million new pallets were manufactured, and 474 million used pallets were salvaged from landfills.
    • • Out of the 474 recovered pallets, 326 million were reintegrated for reuse, while the remaining 148 million were repurposed into various other products.
    • • Approximately 43 out of every 100 pallets sold are recycled or reused, showcasing a commitment to sustainability.
    • • Despite this positive trend, a substantial number of old pallets are still discarded in landfills. To contribute to a solution, explore alternative methods for managing these pallets.
    • • While discarding pallets may seem convenient, as illustrated above, numerous alternatives exist. Approximately one-quarter of the discarded pallets are successfully retrieved for recycling purposes.

What Happens to the Pallets Once We pick them up?

They will undergo a sorting process to determine if they need repair or recycling. Pallets are made from either wood, metal, or plastic, all of which are easily broken down and recycled. For those with minor issues, many pallet disposal processing companies will undertake repairs and reintroduce them to the market. Pallets that have sustained more extensive damage typically undergo shredding. Any nails or staples are removed from the wood using a magnet.

Every component of the pallet can be repurposed. Even the metal components are not discarded; they are sent to a metal recycling facility. The shredded pallets can be transformed into wood chips or potentially used in the production of remanufactured pallets. They also find applications in mulch, particle board, as bedding for animals or can be used as boiler fuel. Various materials are sorted, organized, and repurposed based on their most suitable applications and market demand. Pallets, contingent on their material composition, may be disassembled and recycled in conjunction with wood, plastic, paper, or metal.

Plastic Pallets

Numerous companies opt for the use of plastic pallets, and there are distinct advantages to choosing plastic over wood. Plastic pallets offer ease of cleaning and sanitization. Furthermore, their resistance to moisture absorption ensures that they do not succumb to rot or mold growth, a contrast to the vulnerability of wooden pallets, which depends on the storage conditions. Initially, when plastic pallets first entered the market, there was a lack of repair options. However, the situation has evolved, and repair services are now readily available. In terms of recycling plastic pallets, the process involves sorting and shredding before sending the materials to plastic recycling facilities. Interestingly, some facilities that handle the recycling of wooden pallets may also accommodate plastic pallets in their recycling operations, and some will not. We will sort this out for you. We also provide other commercial plastics recycling.

Reducing The Number of Pallets On Hand Frees up Precious Warehouse Space

The objective is to minimize the quantity of pallets within your warehouse, or at the very least, decrease the quantity of pallets that are damaged or broken, thereby creating valuable space within your warehouse. Damaged pallets pose potential hazards and are best kept out of sight when clients or management visit. Pallets that are deteriorating or affected by mold can also give rise to safety issues for both you and your employees. 

Rather than opting for the path of least resistance, consider the alternatives of reusing or recycling pallets. Discarding pallets by simply tossing them into the trash is not good for the environment to throw all that wood into landfills. You’ll save trees used for material and the energy used in production by wood pallet recycling.

Why Should You Consider Pallet Recycling?

Pallets play a widespread role in packaging and shipping a diverse range of products. Regrettably, they are often discarded after a single use. Fortunately, we can help with pallet removal, reutilization, and recycling. In the current economic landscape, businesses and institutions have embraced pallet recycling as a cost-effective solution for waste disposal expenses.

Beyond cost savings, recycling contributes to resource conservation, minimizes pollution generated during the production of new materials, and fosters employment opportunities. It is both feasible and encouraged to maximize pallet reuse. When pallets reach a point where further reuse is unfeasible, recycling becomes a viable and responsible alternative.

Wooden pallets come with considerable weight, which can be cumbersome when it comes to lifting and transporting them. Should you intend to handle the removal of wood pallets or skids independently, it’s crucial to use sturdy work gloves. Additionally, exercise caution regarding any splintered wood or protruding nails. This underscores why it’s advisable to coordinate wood pallet recycling through HazChem. We specialize in the environmentally responsible removal and disposal of various pallet types. We provide swift and cost-effective pallet removal services for your commercial needs.

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