Lab Pack Services

HazChem knows that different industries generate different amounts of waste. Sometimes, even small quantities of waste, such as out-of-date chemicals or off-specification materials, can create hazardous conditions in the environment. Disposal of chemicals in small amounts can often become an intricate compliance problem. HazChem will dispose your full hazardous waste collection.

HazChem provides the same experienced, rapid and reliable turn-key services for lab pack quantity wastes as for your larger projects. Our fully trained, qualified professionals and chemists identify, classify, isolate and package the waste. When necessary, we pack small containers into larger containers for proper transportation and disposal, always preparing proper documentation to ensure that your business complies with all local, state and federal regulations.

Our full service approach guarantees that each item will be tracked and inventoried from the source at your facility all the way through transportation, treatment/recycling and final disposition. At HazChem, we minimize your risk and liability to solve even your smallest environmental issues, safely and conveniently. Questions? Call us. We are problem solvers.

Laboratory Services

HazChem specializes in the identification of unknown waste streams. We offer customized laboratory and analytical solutions tailored for your specific waste. HazChem’s expertise and experience allows us to perform the analyses needed for your particular waste, minimizing expenses and making certain that wastes are eliminated expeditiously. It is HazChem that can dispose of your hazardous waste collection.  

Lab Pack Services: HazChem has your back

After an inventory review, HazChem will classify the waste in accordance with the Department of Transportation (DOT) , Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and specific disposal facility guidelines. All waste will then be segregated into compatible groups for packaging. HazChem will then draft drum inventory packaging sheets. In addition to the specific drum contents, the drum inventory sheet also includes the proper DOT shipping name, EPA hazard class and waste codes, and any other pertinent information which is used in preparing the paperwork for the transportation and ultimate disposal of the waste. Copies of the documentation, including all required Land Ban Forms and TCLP certifications, are supplied to our customer at job completion.


HazChem is ready to help

Over the past 75 years, industries have developed new products that make our lives easier. But with progress, there has also been an increase in by-products and wastes that can lead to contamination of land, water and air.

The USEPA categorizes waste generators into two classes:

Small-quantity generators are anyone who generates between 220 pounds/month and 2,200 pounds/month of hazardous waste. That’s as little as a 1/2 drum of waste with the density of water.

Large-quantity generators are anyone who generates 2,200 pounds/month (1,000 kg/month) or more during any given month of a calendar year of hazardous waste. That’s only about five drums of a waste with the density of water.

You cannot store waste for more than 90 days if you are a large-quantity generator or 180 days if you are a small-quantity generator. In accordance with regulations, you must train your personnel in proper handling of emergency procedures and have an emergency preparedness plan outlining your procedures in case of an accident. HAZCHEM IS READY TO HELP. If you have waste that’s been sitting around, you need the services of HazChem. We are problem solvers. Call us today at (630) 458-1910 to help keep your business compliant.

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