Truck terminal fire causes hazardous chemical spill.

Three diesel semi-tractors, as well as an assortment of petroleum-based products and solvents, were stored inside the mechanic shop at the truck terminal.  A fire broke out during the early-morning hours. HazChem’s Emergency Response Team arrived on-scene to begin clean-up efforts after the fire department got the fire under control. Due to the amount of water the firefighters needed to extinguish the blaze, hazardous petroleum-impacted water had migrated offsite via overland flow to the corner of the property, and subsequently into the storm sewer catch basins. The petroleum-impacted water then also entered a local river. Environmental containment and remediation were the top priority. In this scenario, putting out a fire causes a hazardous chemical spill.


HazChem responded quickly to contain and clean up the leaking hazardous fuels.

Preventing further contamination of the surrounding areas and the river was our Emergency Response Team’s top concern.


petroleum leak

Petroleum-impacted water was pooled in low lying areas throughout the lot.

Crews push the impacted water toward the vacuum hose for removal.

water cleanup after fire

Vacuum operations  shifted to the west side to collect additional pooled impacted water.

terminal fire remediation of soil and water containment berm 

Crew confirmed that the containment berm was intact.

hazardous water clean up

 Impacted soil was placed into 20 yard roll off boxes for storage while awaiting analytical results.

taking soil samples

 Soil samples were gathered for off-site certified analysis.

soil excavation

 Field test results indicated that the southern third of the lot needed further excavation for petroleum clean up.

contaminated water containment

Additional line of containment boom was installed to help mitigate the water on the river.

absorbent boom

Crew member replaced sections of absorbent boom as needed.

why choose hazchem

HazChem Prioritizes Prompt & Effective Emergency Response:

Emergency spills present significant environmental and public health hazards, emphasizing the importance of prompt and effective response measures to contain the spill, mitigate its impacts, and prevent further contamination of soil, water, and air.

HazChem will keep you in compliance with the regulations and help protect you from further liability. With over 30 years in the waste management business, we are trustworthy, safe, reliable, and compliant. Learn more about HazChem Emergency Rapid Response and Chemical Spill Response Services.

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