Are you a business or an entity that is now wondering how to legally dispose of hand sanitizer in bulk? During the COVID-19 pandemic, at various points in time, hand sanitizer was difficult to find. But once it became readily available, and knowing how important of a tool hand sanitizer is during a crisis, many businesses and institutions bought large amounts. It made sense.

D-19 became less problematic, the demand for hand sanitizer went way down. Thus many different businesses and entities found themselves stuck with tremendous amounts of hand sanitizer.

Shelf life of hand sanitizer is usually two to three years. And so many American businesses now have hand sanitizer in bulk that has expired or is about to become expired.


 Q: What should my business do with expired bulk hand sanitizer?


Most importantly, hand sanitizer cannot be thrown out in the trash or poured down the drain. Not only is this illegal, which can result in massive fines and other legal problems, it is also HIGHLY DANGEROUS. Because the main ingredient in hand sanitizer is alcohol, a highly flammable material, placing hand sanitizer in the trash or down the drain could result in a massive explosion.


Area, state and federal regulatory agencies, needless to say, are not giddy about explosions. American citizens, your neighbors, don’t want to be anywhere near a major explosion.

Unfortunately, selling this expired hand sanitizer isn’t a real possibility anymore. Who would want it? Who would want to accept this huge risk and responsibility? Therefore, you must find a disposal company that will take possession of your bulk hand sanitizer and then make sure the hazardous material is legally and properly disposed.  

In return, simply put, your business or entity will receive the necessary paperwork from the disposal company that provides you the proof that you acted in accordance with the laws and regulations.


Q: Why is hand sanitizer necessary?

 Using a hand sanitizer that contains a minimum of 60% alcohol effectively kills bacteria. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends taking steps to slow the spread of the coronavirus and other infectious diseases by using hand sanitizer.



Hospitals and doctor offices all over America have non-expired hand sanitizer readily available. They do so because, simply put, its usage promotes good health.


Q: Why does hand sanitizer expire?


The active ingredient in liquid and gel hand sanitizer is ethyl or isopropyl alcohol in 60 to 95 percent concentrations. Alcohol evaporates more quickly than water, which means it loses potency over time and becomes ineffective at killing bacteria.




Q: What is the best way to store hand sanitizer?



Hand sanitizers have special storage requirements in commercial and industrial settings. Hand sanitizer needs to be kept at a temperature of 45 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit.




Q: Can I recycle hand sanitizer?



If your hand sanitizer is not expired and still effective, consider donating your unneeded supply to an organization in need, such as a school or daycare center. If you recycle rather than throw it away, the hand sanitizer is not designated as waste (and therefore you need not have it registered as hazardous waste). While this can be more economical and less wasteful than hazardous waste disposal, follow your state regulations to document this process.






Q: Who can I contact for assistance with bulk hand sanitizer disposal?



Call HazChem Environmental at 630-458-1910 or email us at to help you determine the best bulk hand sanitizer disposal option. HazChem Environmental has helped businesses all over America properly and legally dispose of bulk hand sanitizer.