Hazardous Roadside Spill : Hydrogen Peroxide


What caused the hazardous roadside spill?  The truck driver was cut off and reacted by slamming on the brakes. The chemicals stored in the trailer were not properly secured and the products shifted forward, causing a hazardous chemical leak.

This caused the poly drums stored at the front of the trailer to be crushed by the other totes / drums / pallets. 3 drums of the “Oxy-Pak 34 Spray” (a highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide solution) were punctured and the solution fully released from the drum (165 gallons spilt). 1 drum of the Oxy-Pak 34 Spray was punctured but partially emptied (~25 gallons so 190 gallons total). 2 drums were damaged but no contents leaked out.



HazChem Crew rapid response team arrived on scene to promptly and safely assist with the hazardous roadside spill clean up.


Our crew donned Level C PPE, removed fully split drums from the semi-trailer, laid out sand along roadway, and by the drains to contain the spill. Impacted Drums were overpacked, and impacted sand was swept up.


hydrogen peroxide spill clean upWhen the semi-trailer doors were opened, the spilt product inside started to off-gas.

hazmat response on I-55

HazChem crew donned Level C PPE (Latex booties, Saranex Suit, Full Face Respirator with Air Purifying Cartridges) and removed the other non-impacted totes.

hazmat emergency response by hazchem environmental

HazChem crew members removed 2 of the fully spilt drums from the semi-trailer.

Puncture on the bottom of the drum.

Puncture on the bottom of the drum.

damaged drums of hydrogen peroxide

Overview of the damaged drums.

all products removed from trailer

Overview after all products were removed from the trailer.

Expressway hazmat crew

Partial crew laid out sand along the roadway and by the drains to contain the spill. Once the impacted drums were overpacked in a 95-gallon poly overpack drum, crew swept up the impacted sand.

roadside spill cleanup complete

Next day after cleaning operations finished.

Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is a powerful oxidizer and can be hazardous if spilled on a roadway for several reasons:

Corrosive Properties: Hydrogen peroxide is corrosive and can cause irritation or burns upon contact with skin, eyes, or mucous membranes. A spill on a roadway can expose people to these risks, especially if they come into direct contact with the substance.

Reactivity: Hydrogen peroxide is reactive with many substances, particularly flammable materials, which can lead to fires or explosions if the spilled hydrogen peroxide comes into contact with incompatible materials on the roadway.

Environmental Impact: Hydrogen peroxide can be harmful to the environment if it contaminates soil, water bodies, or vegetation. Spills on roadways can potentially lead to runoff into nearby water sources or soil, impacting ecosystems and potentially harming wildlife.

Vapors: Hydrogen peroxide can release oxygen gas, which can displace air and create an oxygen-deficient atmosphere, especially in confined spaces such as tunnels or underground roadways. This can pose a risk of asphyxiation to anyone in the vicinity of the spill.

Traffic Hazards: A spill on a roadway can create slippery conditions, increasing the risk of accidents for vehicles passing through the area. Additionally, the cleanup process may require road closures or traffic diversions, leading to disruptions and delays.

Overall, the hazards associated with a hydrogen peroxide spill on a roadway necessitate prompt and careful cleanup procedures to mitigate risks to human health, the environment, and traffic safety.

HazChem Prioritizes Prompt & Effective Emergency Response for Spill Cleanup

Overall, roadside truck spills of fuel represent significant environmental and public health hazards, emphasizing the importance of prompt and effective response measures to contain the spill, mitigate its impacts, and prevent further contamination of soil, water, and air.

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