Top Mercury Spill Clean-up Expert Joins Hazchem Team:

HazChem Environmental Corp., a leading provider of hazardous waste clean-up and disposal services, is pleased to announce our newest team member, Anthony Testa as a Customer Service Specialist.

Anthony joined the Navy as a Hospital Corpsman in 2017, dedicating five years of his life to providing medical care and support to those in need.  While serving in the Navy, Anthony pursued higher education at American Military University, where he is currently on track to complete his Associate Degree in Health Sciences.  Anthony found a career at HazChem Environmental that not only resonated with his values but also allowed him to make a tangible impact on the health and safety of the environment. Anthony will play a crucial rule within HazChem, coordinating crucial waste management efforts between the Sales Team, Operations Team, and our clients to ensure successful completion of all projects. Through his work, Anthony plays a vital role in preserving and safeguarding the natural world for future generations. Welcome, Anthony!

About HazChem Environmental Corp:

HazChem Environmental provides hazardous waste clean-up, transportation, and disposal services; mercury spill cleanups; wastewater treatment services; 24/7/365 emergency spill cleanups, and many more environmental services. For over 30 years, HazChem has provided these services to industrial, corporate, education, government, medical, and other industries. HazChem will typically have teams on site within 1-3 days of request. 

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