Top Mercury Spill Clean-up Expert Joins Hazchem Team:

HazChem Environmental Corp., a leading provider of hazardous waste clean-up and disposal services, is pleased to announce that Mark Parquette has joined the company as their Operations Director. Parquette, has been in the industry for nearly 40 years, and is recognized as one of the premier mercury spill cleanup experts in the country. Some of Mark’s accomplishments include: CHMM (Certified Hazardous Material Manager) Master Level, Senior Response Manager USEPA Projects, Consultant USEPA Mercury Cleanup Procedures, and more.

“Mark Parquette is one of the the top experts in America when it comes to cleaning mercury spills,” said Alan Shapiro, President of HazChem. “Mark has also proven to be an effective leader in cleaning all types of spills, and handling cleanup-related issues, in the most efficient and environmentally friendly way possible”. 

“I have known Mark for close to 20 years. Whenever we encountered Mark in the field preciously, I was always impressed with his incomparable knowledge of mercury spill clean-up, his professionalism, hard work, and leadership skills. I am beyond thrilled that our company was able to attract Mark.”

“When one of your toughest competitors – Mark Parquette – joins your team, it instantly elevates your capabilities to a whole new level”  said Shapiro.

Parquette recently joined HazChem, and manages mercury spills and other challenging projects. “Joining Al Shapiro and HazChem was a perfect fit for me,” Parquette said. “Al has been in this business for 35 years. He started out sweeping the warehouse at HazChem and eventually bought the company. Since he took ownership (in 2016), he has quickly built HazChem into a major powerhouse in the Midwest.”

“Al asked me to visit his office and said, ‘Mark, we want to become the top mercury-spill cleanup company in America, and also help HazChem become the best it can be.’ We shook hands on that, and I have found the perfect home.”

About HazChem Environmental Corp:

HazChem Environmental provides hazardous waste clean-up, transportation, and disposal services; mercury spill cleanups; wastewater treatment services; 24/7/365 emergency spill cleanups, and many more environmental services. For over 30 years, HazChem has provided these services to industrial, corporate, education, government, medical, and other industries. HazChem will typically have teams on site within 1-3 days of request.