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Welcome to HazChem Environmental Corporation. You’ll have peace of mind putting us on your team.

It’s 2 p.m. and the fire inspector just found expired, hazardous waste in your factory and wants it removed — by tomorrow. Your semi containing a shipment of corrosive liquid just jack-knifed on a Chicago expressway closing down three lanes of traffic.

A tenant abandons your warehouse in the middle of the night, leaving you with expired chemicals and leaking flammable liquids. Next week, your largest potential customer is scheduled to tour the facility – but a sump pump backs up, covering your plant’s floor with an oily-water mixture, shutting down the production line.

These are the everyday problems you encounter. When you’re under pressure from the threat of potential safety hazards, environmental compliance and financial loss, let HazChem Environmental Corporation provide you with complete security, reliability and peace of mind. At HazChem, we restore balance to the four-state area of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa and Wisconsin, through specialized environmental services.

PUT US ON YOUR TEAM! The year 2017 was the most successful in our history. We handled 832  distinct spills. Our reputation as a top-notch, effective and safe waste disposal company continues to build. We’re extremely proud that many successful companies from Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and Iowa keep counting on us again and again and again to handle their waste disposal needs.