Emergency Response

HazChem is honored by its ever-growing reputation as the best waste-disposal company in the Midwest. Thousands of entities in Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota and other states know in an emergency, they can totally bank on HazChem to completely solve their emergency issues. We are problem solvers.

Our Emergency Expertise

  • Hazardous material spill response and cleanup
  • Bio-hazardous material spill response and cleanup
  • Hazardous material incidents occurring “in-transit”
  • Industrial fire cleanup
  • Reactive and explosive stabilization/disposal
  • Chemical waste disposal
  • Proper disposal of all waste generated during an incident


Have an Emergency?

Contact us for 24-hour Haz-Mat Emergency Response.

HazChem At Work

In February, 2021, HazChem was called to handle a large highway gas and oil spill, involving a fallen truck, which had caused the closure of a four-lane highway to a complete stop for hours.

Once HazChem received its emergency call, and once we arrived on the scene, our crew effectively stopped the gas and oil from spreading. Then our crew made sure the released gas and oil would cause no harm. Within 50 minutes of our arrival, two lanes of the highway were operating. Within two hours after our arrival, all four lanes were back open. We had effectively and completely cleaned up the spill, receiving the gratitude of area police officers, emergency medical workers and the city fire department.

HazChem is honored that both large and small city officials throughout the Midwest know we are a trustworthy company that is ALWAYS ready to serve.



HazChem + You

Any emergency of yours is a major emergency to us. We’ll get there promptly and take care of the problem. 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Whether you need our Vacuum Truck Services, our skid-steers, our boats, or our Emergency Response Trucks, we are ALWAYS ready to handle hazmat cleanup spills. We can handle your hazardous waste spill. 

HazChem + You

Any emergency of yours is a major emergency to us. We’ll get there promptly and take care of the problem. 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Level A Emergency Spill Response Trailers

HazChem has the equipment, skilled crews and technological knowledge to respond to potentially life-threatening emergencies safely, bringing immediate containment and stabilization. Our fully equipped safety trailers are completely transportable to remote locations, allowing our crew members to operate in the most hazardous conditions. Hazmat spill cleanups is a specialty of ours. We are always ready to clean hazardous waste spills. We are always ready to tame biological hazards. 

Our high-hazard response trailers include the following inventory:

  • Fully encapsulated suits
  • Eight breathing air cylinders
  • Ten self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA)
  • Six supplied-air breathing apparatus (SABA)
  • H2S gas detector
  • 800 ft. raised-letter breathing air hose
  • Re-charge line for refilling breathing apparatus
  • Decontamination pools
  • Levels A, B, C and D fire extinguishers
  • Oxygen flow meter – complete with oxygen “D” cylinders
  • Two low-pressure manifolds
  • Two high-pressure regulators
  • First-aid kit
  • Warning signs, flags and poles
  • Rescue harness with lanyard

HazChem + You

Compliant. Responsive. Safe.

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