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Environmental and Safety Compliance Training

Training. Compliance. Safety.

Nationwide, statistics show that nine American workers die every day as a result of accidents that could have been prevented by adequate training. HazChem training prepares and protects your workforce in emergency situations.

Not only is preparedness and prevention training for hazardous material management a smart idea, it is required by law for companies that handle hazardous chemicals or whose manufacturing processes generate hazardous waste.

On-site customized training

HazChem Environmental Corporation can bring any environmental, transportation or safety training program to your location. We customize training to meet your specific requirements, including offering the following environmental and safety courses:

Contact HazChem today to educate your personnel to handle spills, emergencies and/or chemical co-mingling errors. Our knowledgeable team looks forward to providing innovative solutions for all of your environmental compliance needs all at a reasonable cost.

To learn more, please contact us at, or click here for a full list and description of available classes.