Bio-Hazardous Cleanup

Crime Scene Cleanup and Trauma Event Remediation

We live in unpredictable times and when the unpredictable happens, HazChem responds quickly, safely and effectively to remove blood, tissue, fluids and any other hazardous biological waste found at the scene. Our objective is to restore any site to a safe state while relieving family, friends or employees of the responsibility, burden and potential danger of bio-hazardous cleanup.

As with our other emergency response services, HazChem responds 24-7-365. Once summoned to a scene, HazChem professionals evaluate the extent of the damage, prepare a written proposal and assist the client with insurance procedures. In most cases, home, business or auto insurance will cover the cost associated with bio-recovery services. 

Homicide, Suicide, or Natural and Accidental Death Remediation

Professional and safe crime-scene and trauma event cleaning includes disinfecting, odor neutralization and total removal of biological infectious waste, blood or body fluids for residential, vehicle, commercial and industrial environments.

Blood and Body Fluid Disposal

HazChem adheres to district disposal guidelines generated by both state and federal government regulations. All bio-hazardous waste is disposed through a federally licensed waste company.

Vehicle Cleaning and Decontamination

Cleaning and decontamination of municipal (police, fire) and personal vehicles comprising anything from dirt to hazardous material residue.

Distressed Property Remediation (Garbage or Hoarder Houses)

Itemization, removal, cleaning and disposal of contaminated furnishings, carpeting, materials and equipment from distressed properties.

Animal Bio-Hazards

Who Uses Our Services

HazChem provides Bio-response and Bio-hazard Recovery services to homeowners, landlords, law enforcement, hotels/motels, public service agencies and commercial properties.

Our trained professionals adhere to all OSHA and EPA guidelines and are trained in the proper removal, packaging and disposal of bio-hazardous waste.

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